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Stills Foundation


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The purpose of the International Still's Disease Foundation is to:

Provide support to those who suffer from Still's Disease

Encourage and facilitate communication between Still's
Disease sufferers

Provide information on Still's Disease to those with the
disease, their families, and health care workers

Increase general awareness of Still's Disease

 Since we are a non-profit organization we rely solely on donations.  If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation please contact Bob Himes

The Executive Board Members

Founder and Chairman of the Board:

Tom Kufahl-

retired from the teaching profession, Tom created the Stills Disease Mailing List that has brought us all together.  Tom is the glue that
holds our group together, thank you Tom!  In addition to his work on the Stills Mailing List, Tom has a menagerie of animals that live with him in


Carole Whaley -

Legally named Carole Triller-Whaley, but usually goes by Cat (there are so many Carole's on our list, this makes it one less to be confused ) She lives in Summerland, BC, Canada.
She was dx with AOSD five years ago this December, prior to that dx was told she had Lupus, before that (during the BIG FLARE) it was suggested that she
had Lymphoma,and would likely all in all the diagnosis of AOSD was an improvement!
She has been on CPP (disability)for about 4 yrs now, and wishes that she could find a way to re-enter the workforce.....Before Stills, she was a Systems Analyst specialising in Transportation (Trucking industry).

She was fortunate enough to find Joyce Irving  8 months after being dx and she in turn introduced her to Tom and Aleeta, way back then there were about
25 or 30 of us.... over four years ago..


1st Vice President:
Beth Gilleland-

I was diagnosed with Stills nine and a half years ago.   I have been a high school teacher for 12 years in Houston Tx.- a job which I love!  I enjoyed a wonderful 5 year remission and look forward to that again very soon!  In spite of Stills I was fortunate enough to complete my masters
degree, a goal which I really wanted to achieve, Stills or no Stills.  I feel very fortunate to have found this wonderful group- not only is it informative, but it has become a second family to me!  Thank you Joyce
Iriving and Carol Whaley for finding me and Tom for creating the list!


2nd Vice President:

Connie Hart

the treasurer for the foundation.  She was diagnosed with AOSD in 1989 after being ill since the end  of 1987.  Her goal is for to  continue to learn about this disease and keeps educating others what we go thru.


Bob Himes

Bob & Carole Himes are retired and live in Panama City, FL. They have been associated with the Stills Disease through their Daughter Michele (Shelly) who was diagnosed with Stills in 1993. In 1998 Bob learned about our web site and joined the list to provide all the information to Shelly who didn't have a computer. On 31 Jan 1999, Shelly passed away from complications of respiratory infections due to her lowered immune system due to Stills. Bob & Carole decided to stay with the Stills group and made them part of their family to help any & all persons with Stills. They really Love their Stills Family!


Jennifer Jay

Jennifer is 31 and lives on Wilmington Island just outside of Savannah Georgia.  She is our webmaster and researcher.  Her husband is in the Army and is a Chinook helicopter pilot.  She works at Air Tran Airlines and she will be attending nursing school this summer


Kate is 26, and lives in Largo, FL.  She was diagnosed with Still's at 17, and has e been in remission for 7 years.  Despite Stills, she graduated first in her class, and attended North Central College in Naperville, IL on half scholastic scholarship.  I graduated with a BA in Organizational Communications, June 95. I am now starting my own business making and selling buckwheat hull pillows for people, pets and special needs... Oh yeah, I have been a member of the group since 95!

other Directors:

Joyce Irving=, Public Relations/ Drug Company Contacts,
Kathleen Brown=, Nursing, Public Relations, Drug Company Contact & Research,

Ryan Catherman=
, Assistant webmaster, Pain Management and
Pain Brochure & Research

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International Still's Disease Foundation Inc.
1123 S. Kimbrel Ave., Panama City, FL 32404

Fax 850-871-6656

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