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Intern Med 1993 Jan;32(1):50-2

Systemic amyloidosis in a patient with adult onset Still's disease.

Ishii T, Sasaki T, Muryoi T, Murai C, Hatakeyama A, Oosaki H, Yusa A,
Kawanami T, Yoshinaga K
Second Department of Internal Medicine, Tohoku University School of
Medicine, Sendai, Japan.

A 39-year-old woman presented clinical features of adult onset Still's
disease. Seven years after the onset, she developed renal insufficiency
and biopsy studies revealed amyloid deposits involving amyloid A
protein, P component, lambda chain and kappa chain in the kidney and
rectum. She died in 1992, primarily due to cardiac failure associated
with amyloidosis, indicating that amyloidosis should be considered one
of the fatal complications in adult onset Still's disease with a long

PMID: 8495045, UI: 93264687


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